"My Old Self"

Local Milwaukee, WI Director Bobby Schmidt, (Esprit Noir Productions) created the entire project from scratch with help from cinematographer Nate Haban. Watch it here.

Zémire et Azor

Premiering in early 2017, Zemire et Azor with direction, set and puppet design by James Ortiz is settling into its new home at Opera Saratoga, Saratoga Springs NY. And, with it has moved puppeteers Alex Mace and Sean Anthony Jackson who both appeared in the first incarnation back in March. The show runs July 2, 8, and 14th.

Bay Players

Alex is excited to announce he will be directing Craig Wright's "Lady" at Bay Players here in Milwaukee Wisconsin, running the weekend of April 4th 2018. Visit the Bay Players site for more information.

Alex Mace plays a good-natured, good-time guy in the rold of Monty, revealing a surprising depth and development in character.
-Elaine Schmidt, Milwaukee Journal Sentinal


Alex Mace as the smarmy and sexualized ringleader, Berger...a pitch perfect individual performance.
- Paul Kosidowski, Milwaukee Magazine
Playing Enjolras, the lead of the student revolutionaries, is Alex Mace. Mace beams with magnetism, and he is impassioned especially in the song, 'Do You Hear The People Sing?'
- Kelli Curtin, Theatre Sensation


Alex Mace emerged from the tribal chorus to deliver a powerfully feral interpretation of a guy whose freak flag (and other parts) fly unfettered. Mace reveled in his freedom, and his spirit contributed mightily to the mayhem that is required by this play.
- C.B Goldsmith, El Paso Times